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Shaping the world we know today through innovation Pioneering technology since 1976.


Companies & Services

With our companies and divisions we are able to offer a maxiumum of versatility - be it tailor made services for a specefic task or integrated solutions "from one hand".

  • Berker switches

  • Decorative lighting 

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Nplus (alnasser product)

  • Hyundai videophone

  • The Home of light
    Light can change the entire room with a click of a button and has a huge impact on the way how to see the world. At Al Nasser Company you can find out about the fascinating and multifaceted world of lighting. On thousands of square meters, you can find a high-quality selection of luminaries and controls for all kinds of applications, budgets, and needs.

  • More than a shop
    Al Nasser Company is not simply a shop but provides support, service, solutions, and knowledge around the lighting of homes, offices, and retail spaces. 

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