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Reliability | Durability | Heritage


Since 1976 Alnasser offers integrated solutions for professional lighting
in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East Region and beyond.
  • Indoor-outdoor lighting

  • Building control systems

  • surveillance cameras and security solutions

  • lighting switches

  • Office lighting

  • Retail lighting

  • Industrial lighting

  • Healthcare lighting Street lighting

  • Tunnel lighting

  • Saving electricity

  • Easy installation

  • 3-5 years warranty

  • Made in KSA

  • International products

  • Berker switches

  • Decorative lighting 

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Nplus (alnasser product)

  • Hyundai videophone

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  • Building controls

  • Luminaries & lighting equipment

  • Building alarm systems

  • Knx System (smart home)

  • Lighting design & consultant

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Our family business was established in 1976 by our Founder, Sheikh Ali Al Nasser and has since grown significantly in line with the vision and strong values of our family.

Our family has a strong desire to retain and further develop the close family bonds that exist within our family and we, therefore, decided to create our family protocols with the help of PwC Family Business Advisory Services division. PwC is an international professional services firm which has been established in the region for over 40 years.

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The head office of the Al Nasser Group is in Riyadh - the capital of Saudi Arabia. For the western region of Saudi Arabia, you can find an office in Jeddah and for the eastern region in Dammam.

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